State Data for Upstate Governments

Here is a brief list of open data sets that are available in the New York State open data portal that have particular relevance for Upstate municipal governments.

Use these data sets (and others from the state portal to):

  • Identify unlicensed or unpermitted businesses or construction activity.
  • Identify business that are not in compliance with local zoning ordinances (e.g., areas that are not zoned for commercial activities).
  • Validate (or optimize) snow plowing routes, particularly during times of snow or weather related emergencies.
  • Generate macro-level indicators of business activity in an city or region.

Agency Dataset Relevant search fields
Department of Agriculture and Markets Retail Food Stores entity_name, dba_name, county, city
Department of Agriculture and Markets Farm Product Dealer Licenses Currently Issued business_name, trade_name, county, city
Department of Agriculture and Markets Certified Plant Dealers trade_name, owner_name, county, city
Department of Agriculture and Markets Nursery Growers & Greenhouses operation_name, trade_name, owner_name, county, city
Department of State Active Real Estate Salespersons and Brokers business_name, business_city, county
Department of State Active Corporations: Beginning 1800 current_entity_name, county, dos_process_city
Department of Health Active Retail Tobacco Vendors operation_name, city, state
Department of Health Food Service Establishment Inspections facility, operation_name, local_health_department, county, city
Department of Taxation and Finance Registered Tax Return Preparers and Facilitators business_name_if_listed_on_registration, city, zip
Department of Motor Vehicles DMV Licensed Facilities 1 facility_name, owner_name, facility_city, facility_county
State Liquor Authority Liquor Authority Quarterly List of Active Licenses premises_name, doing_business_as_dba, county_name_licensee, city
Office of Children and Family Services Child Care Regulated Programs facility_name, county, city
State Gaming Commission Lottery retailers name, city, zip

There are a host of other data sets availalbe on the state portal (and the state’s Health Data Portal), and more being added every week.

  1. e.g., car dealers, repair shops, inspection stations, and junk & salvage yards

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